Limestone Society 
Children of the American Revolution

Maysville, Kentucky

National Project

The Limestone Society's Emberton family visited Virginia for their family vacation during the week of June 5-9, 2017.  Here they are shown with a bust of President James Monroe which is located on the grounds of his home, close to Charlottesville, Virginia.  

We look forward to learning more about their visit to Highland since President Monroe is the focus of the 2017-2018 National Project.

MEMBER CHALLENGE:  Look up a fact about James Monroe and email this to your senior society president at [email protected]

Limestone Society Named 3rd Best Society in the Nation!!!

  For the 5th time since 2006, Limestone Society was named a "Top 3" Society in the Nation on April 22, 2017 during the National Convention banquet in Arlington, Virginia.  No members were able to attend the convention this year, but Senior President Dena Green was on hand to hear the announcement.  Incoming State President Nelson Paul accepted the award on our behalf.   Awards received by Limestone Society included:

  • Third Most Outstanding Society in the Nation
  • National Merit Award, Gold Level (only 9 awarded)
  • National Assistant Registrar's Program - 2nd place
  • National Librarian's Program - 2nd place
  • Government Studies Program - Honorable Mention

Membership Inquiries

Membership is open to youth from birth through the age of 21.  Individuals need to document their lineage to a person who supported the patriot cause during the American Revolution.  For more information about membership and activities, email [email protected]